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Let’s cook in English

img008         seafood salad

                         Serves 2-4      74 cal / serving


2 to 3 cooked octopus legs ( or 7 oz /200g boiled squid )       1/2 tsp salt       1 to 2cucumbers        1 Tbsp rice vinegar        1 Tbsp olive oil          1 small red bell      pepper        1 small yellow bell pepper  oregano, sweet basil and grand black pepper


1. Slice octopus legs into thin, bite-sized round.

2. Slice cucumbers thinly on the diagonal and cut vertically into matchsticks.
Cut red and yellow peppers in half lengthwise, remove caps and seeds, and cut horizontally into thin strips.

3. Place octopus, cucumbers, and bell pepper in a bowl of ice water for 5 minutes toimg009
crisp. Drain, pat dry with paper towels, and place in a salad bowl.

4. Sprinkle salad with salt and drizzle with vinegar and olive oil, in that order. Toss briefly and garnish with a sprinkling of oregano, basil, and ground black pepper.


このレシピは「The Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook」 の中に掲載されているものです。


小林カツ代のホームクッキング 2000年7月 第1刷発行   著者 小林カツ代
発行所 講談社インターナショナル株式会社  ISBN978-4-7700-2504-3