What's New イースタン・ワシントン大学のセブラ教授が来日されました

Dr. Lawrence (Larry) Cebula, professor of history from Eastern Washington University, was visiting Mukogawa as a Kusaka–Fosseen International Exchange Scholar. While at Mukogawa, Dr. Cebula gave a number of lectures on historical connections between Japan and the Pacific Northwest. Students, faculty members, and guests attended, learned much from, and greatly enjoyed the talks.

The lectures covered topics from prehistoric tools that washed up on the shores of Pacific Northwest from Japan, castaways (Otokichi (the three kichis), Ranald McDonald, etc), and Japanese immigrants’ life and business in the Pacific Northwest before, during, and after the WWII. Many people were also interested in hearing about Larry sensei’s research on native Americans (The lecture slides can be viewed here).

Faculty members from the Department of English hosted this year’s Kusaka–Fosseen, and we held a party to get to know Larry sensei and his research.


アメリカ北西部の先住民族が暮らしていた場所から日本からの漂流物である鉄製の道具が発掘されていること、漂流者(山本音吉ら「三吉」、Ranald McDonald など)、その後の日本からの移民が第二次世界大戦を経て北西部でどのような暮らしと営みをしているかなど講義されました。ラリー先生の専門であるアメリカの先住民の研究についても講義の内外でさまざまな質問がありました(講義のスライドはこちら)。